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Garden Dressing 
By Tony Wu's Seafood and Steak Café

The inception of the Tony Wu Seafood & Steak Cafe in 1987 brought about the birth of the Huei family's special Garden Dressing. This all-natural, soy-based vinaigrette has pleasantly captivated those fortunate enough to reserve a table at the elegant Delray Beach Restaurant for the past 15 years. Now, you too can enjoy the splendor of this healthy and delicious dressing in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Founders and brothers, Allen and Richard Huei describe some of their customers' initial reactions after enjoying the unique flavor of their handcrafted masterpiece and reveal the origin of their slogan, "To Taste It Is To Love It":

"Over one of our very first dinners ever served at the restaurant, an ecstatic patron exclaimed exuberantly, as if drunken by the flavors that he had consumed, "To taste it is to love it," referring to the refreshing dressing that garnished the salad accompanying his meal."

"First-time customers were asking if they could take extra home to enjoy again, and at first, we were ecstatic and obliged to offer it to them. Eventually, it was as if everyone who came into the restaurant asked of the dressing after dining. At a point we were unable to cover the dual demand for the sauce without incurring the added expense of producing the extra batches, and with so many requests, that expense was growing too large too fast."

"Some customers asked if we had ever thought about bottling it, and over a course of years, our contemplation over whether or not to sell the dressing exclusively was fueled by such pressure from our guests and the increasingly apparent existence of an exclusive market for the dressing that consists of those who enjoy fine foods and the ease of accessibility and preparation that accompany them."

The unique flavor, extracted from a bouquet of all natural ingredients, including imported soy and a smooth blend of spices, juices and vinegar, rivets taste buds and compliments a variety of dishes including not only salads and other vegetable plates, but also rice, pasta, and just about anything else that can be dipped, doused, basted, marinated, or simply complimented by that special little something that embodies the dressings' dreamy taste.

Garden Dressing by Tony Wu's Seafood and Steak Cafe also offers a healthy, tasteful alternative for stir-fry. And once you've tasted it, you can be different without daring, and add it to the list of ingredients for any recipes you wish to enhance with the zest of Garden Dressing by Tony Wu's Seafood and Steak Café. 

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